No SmartCard Daemon

Paul Ramer free10pro at
Mon Apr 4 02:37:00 CEST 2011

On 4/3/11, Grant Olson <kgo at> wrote:
> For some reason debian-based software includes scdaemon in the gpgsm
> package.
> Part of me feels like this is a bug in the packaging, but I don't know
> enough about debian packaging to file a bug report.  That, or I'm too
> lazy...

Thank you, Grant.  That's just the information that I needed.  I can't
say that I agree with scdaemon being placed in the gpgsm package with
no reference to the fact.  Hopefully, someone will remedy this so that
no one else will need to ask where scdaemon is on a
Debian/Debian-based system.

Thanks again,


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