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Thu Apr 7 21:22:48 CEST 2011

Am Donnerstag 07 April 2011 21:08:44 schrieb Daniel Kahn Gillmor:

> > and mark it as "trusted-key" in the config file.
> I don't think this is either necessary or advisable.

I must admit that I haven't checked what happens during batch processing. If 
root does not have an own key for signing the public key in its own key ring 
then a warning occurs in interactive operation. If the untrusted public key is 
used anyway in batch mode then it is not necessary to mark it as "trusted-

> If i understand
> the docs correctly, it is equivalent to setting ultimate ownertrust on
> the key, which has other consequences you might not intend.

I don't see any problem there. Either root has its own key then this would be 
used for signing the public key instead of marking it as "trusted-key" or root 
does not have an own key then it is improbable that validity calculations are 
made by root gpg.

But the better solution would be to sign it with the user key, import the 
public user key to the root key ring, import the signed other public key and 
mark the user key as "trusted-key".

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