keys not available for signed messages in this maillist

John Clizbe John at
Fri Apr 8 18:29:21 CEST 2011

Bernhard Kleine wrote:
> Hi,
> i wonder whether the keys from several members of this maillist should
> be available from the keyserver. e.g. Grant Olson signs all his messages
> here. evolution and gpg on ubuntu, however, fail to retrieve the public
> key from the server:
> the message always reads: signature exists, however, the public key is
> required. I have already tried to use the key ID to look for the public
> key, but, not too surprisingly, could not retrieve it. I have then seen,
> that the key used for signing is one of Grant's subkey.
> My question now is, why are those subkeys not retrieved?

Client configuration issue? The keys are out there on the servers. Which
server(s) are you searching? Is that server online?
Does gpg --search-keys work from the command line? Does gpg --recv-keys?

> I do not at all want to blame Grant, John Clizbe's key and that of
> others can equally not be retrieved.

Which keys of mine can you not retrieve? I normally sign with two. Currently
they are 0xD6569825 and 0x435BD034.

_ALL_ of the keys I use publicly are available on the SKS keyservers. I also
know those of Grant's are also available as I recently updated them with gpg

You may wish^W^W need to check your keyserver configuration. It obviously has a

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