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El 17-04-2011 21:45, Felipe Alvarez escribió:
> I've currently begun getting everyone in the office using GnuPG on
> windows. We're using WinPT as the front end. However there are several
> deficiencies with this program that we have encountered. Further, it
> is no longer being developed (last version 1.4.3 release sept 2009).
> Are there any other windows front ends that are easy to use, WRT
> single file en/de/cryption? The main requirements would possibly
> include:
> - sits on the task tray
> - low mem footprint
> - still in development

  My favorite is GPGShell, but it is not Opensource, and it has some
problems with Windows 7 (tools for the context menu are not shown). I
wish there was something with the same capabilities and multiplataform.

  GPGShell incudes several tools, GPGTray, which sits in the systray,
and can perform several tasks with things you have in the clipboard, or
with right-click allows you to launch other tools from GPGShell, or to
chose between pre-stored configurations for GPG (you can save several
versions of gpg.conf, and you can chose which one to use). GPGKeys is
the key management interfase, very good (but for some things you need to
know a few command line commands). GPGTools is the tool to work with
files, I never use it because of contextual menu (which works fine for
me, since I'm still using XP).

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