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Which one of these is the most keyboard accessible and compatible with
Windows XP?

On 17/04/2011 09:28 PM, Faramir wrote:
> El 17-04-2011 21:45, Felipe Alvarez escribió:
>> I've currently begun getting everyone in the office using GnuPG on
>> windows. We're using WinPT as the front end. However there are several
>> deficiencies with this program that we have encountered. Further, it
>> is no longer being developed (last version 1.4.3 release sept 2009).
>> Are there any other windows front ends that are easy to use, WRT
>> single file en/de/cryption? The main requirements would possibly
>> include:
>> - sits on the task tray
>> - low mem footprint
>> - still in development
>   My favorite is GPGShell, but it is not Opensource, and it has some
> problems with Windows 7 (tools for the context menu are not shown). I
> wish there was something with the same capabilities and multiplataform.
>   GPGShell incudes several tools, GPGTray, which sits in the systray,
> and can perform several tasks with things you have in the clipboard, or
> with right-click allows you to launch other tools from GPGShell, or to
> chose between pre-stored configurations for GPG (you can save several
> versions of gpg.conf, and you can chose which one to use). GPGKeys is
> the key management interfase, very good (but for some things you need to
> know a few command line commands). GPGTools is the tool to work with
> files, I never use it because of contextual menu (which works fine for
> me, since I'm still using XP).
>   Best Regards

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