No, it is not.

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Apr 28 14:49:30 CEST 2011

On 4/27/11 4:19 PM, M.R. wrote:
> For most individuals who really *need* (as opposed to those
> that do it as a matter of ideology or principle) to protect
> their communication, the need to keep confidential who is
> communicating with whom is as important as is the protection
> of the content.

I doubt this.  For instance, my communications with my priest,
stockbroker, doctor and lawyer all require the communications to be
secret, but our identities and relationships are public.

Likewise, if I were married I would have a serious need for privacy in
my communications with my wife: but my wife's identity would be part of
the public record.

Likewise, when I place an order from Amazon I only want my credit card
number to be secured.  I really don't care if someone knows that I'm
buying from them: they could discover that just from getting access to
my credit card purchase history anyway.

The list goes on and on.  I doubt that most people who need
confidentiality in their communications also need confidentiality in
with whom they are communicating.

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