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Sat Dec 17 14:29:21 CET 2011

On 17/12/11 02:45, Jerome Baum wrote:

>> What if keyservers were to limit the amount of keys generated or 
>> uploaded to a 'reasonable' amount which no 'real' user would 
>> exceed?
>> (i.e. 10/day, or some other number discussed and agreed upon by the 
>> various keyservers?)
> What problem are we solving? Keyserver spam isn't an issue yet. We don't
> know if it will ever be.

The system can be easily abused, therefore it will be abused. It's just
a matter of time. How much time, depends on if/when PGP becomes more
popular. It doesn't strike me as unreasonable to want to put defences in
place before an attack begins.

Mike Cardwell
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