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On 2011-12-18 23:40, MFPA wrote:
>> So are
>> certification policies that say (or don't say but
>> enforce anyway) that you must have an email on your
>> UID. Why refuse to certify _less_ information?
> Why indeed. My government won't issue a passport that doesn't include
> my date of birth. These days I can't even get a driving licence that
> doesn't show my date of birth. What does a date of birth have to do
> with my competence to drive between now and my licence's expiry date,
> or with my ability to travel across borders?

My understanding is that name + DoB + place of birth together are
unique. Sometimes. In theory.

But name + email aren't even unique then -- which is why some hosts like
Google now refuse to re-register an expired email address, so that you
can't receive emails for the previous owner. But again, not everyone
does it and policies as well as domain ownership can also change.

Wasn't there a nice paper on that problem (naming) linked to from this
list maybe a month or two ago? Or maybe it was referenced in the STEED

Was definitely an interesting read.

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