Crontab running gpg script can’t find secret key

David Smith Dave.Smith at
Thu Feb 3 14:31:38 CET 2011

griffmcc wrote:
> Although I can encrypt a file using a script, when crontab runs the same
> script, it returns the error message “no default secret key: No secret
> key”. I have one secret key:
> sananselmo backupscripts.d # gpg --list-secret-keys
> /root/.gnupg/secring.gpg
> ------------------------
> sec   2048R/AC1E8E28 2011-01-11
> uid                  Griff McClellan (Broadmark Asset Management) 
> ssb   2048R/81E9591C 2011-01-11
> Here is my script:
> gpg -vvv --batch --output /usr/share/tararchive/file.gpg --encrypt –sign /usr/share/tararchive/file.tar.bz2
> When I run it I am prompted for a password, even though I have the batch
> flag. However the file.gpg encrypted file is created. When I run the
> same script as root using crontab, I get:
> gpg: no default secret key: No secret key
> Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this problem? I tried
> setting the default-flag in gpg.conf but that didn’t change the outcome.

Which user ID is the cron script running under?  Is that user the same
one that owns the key?

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