Default GPG Encryption Algorithm (symmetric cipher) is?

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> Deja Dup on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Default GPG Encryption Algorithm
> (symmetric cipher) is?

If it uses GnuPG, then it will respect the rules set by your keyring
preferences. You can check the preferences with the command:

gpg --edit-key 0xYOURID

(if you don't know your ID, use gpg --list-secret-keys)

It will list what are the preferred ciphers, algorithms for integrity
and compression.

If you want to change it, and use something else, you
can use the following command to see the supported values:

gpg --verbose --version

After that, you can change your preferences. Edit your key again:

gpg --edit-key 0xYOURID

and now use the 'setpref' option, respecting the values you got from
gpg --verbose --version command.

For example:

setpref S9 S8 S7 S3 H10 H9 H8 H11 Z3 Z2 Z1 Z0

will configure a UID (these preferences are UID-based) to use: 

Cipher: AES256, AES192, AES, CAST5, 3DES
Digest: SHA512, SHA384, SHA256, SHA224, SHA1
Compression: BZIP2, ZLIB, ZIP, Uncompressed

Hope this makes it easier for you to understand and edit to suit your

I think I didn't miss anything, but feel free to correct me :)

Happy new year list!

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