Encryting both file contents and file name with GnuPG

Neil Phillips neil.phillips39 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 16:06:56 CET 2011

SecureZip will take a file and encrypt both the filename and the file.

so far with GnuPG i can only see how to encrypt the file.

i do not want to use a specific name as there are too many files to do that.
i want something like;

gpg -recipient "Neil Phillips" -output_encrypt "mySecrets.txt" -encrypt

where i end up with my source file "mySecrets.txt" and a GnuPG encrypted file
whose name is the result of encrypting "mySecrets.txt"

sort of nesting i guess.

so where it says -output_encrypt "mySecrets.txt" i want the result of:
gpg -recipient "Neil Phillips" -encrypt [just the name: "mySecrets.txt]

i am using windows. the source file location is secure.
i want to place a copy of the source file in an unsecure place.
hence i want to rename the file as well as encrypt the file itself.

so the question remains, can i encrypt the name of the file in GnuPG?

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