Encryting both file contents and file name with GnuPG

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Sun Jan 2 14:57:17 CET 2011

Hi Neil,
* Neil Phillips <neil.phillips39 at gmail.com> [02. Jan. 2011]:
> Can someone tell me how I can encrypt the name of the file that I want to
> encrypt please.
> Example:
> mySecrets.txt [a plain text file]
> I would like:
> szstt.asd [some 'apparently random name' file] [file contents encrypted]

You may invoke gnupg like this:

gpg --output szstt.asd ... mySecrets.txt

It's up to you, what file name you choose for the option  --output.

While I understand the need for file names other than
mySecrets.gpg  I think "application-IBM_2010-11-11.txt" looks way
less suspicious than szstt.asd.  That said both don't provide
protection against closer looks.

Ciao, Gregor
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