Encryting both file contents and file name with GnuPG

Neil Phillips neil.phillips39 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 16:14:06 CET 2011

David Shaw <dshaw <at> jabberwocky.com> writes:

> Note that GPG does save the original ("mySecrets.txt" in your example)
filename inside the encrypted
> bundle.  It does not, however, use it when decrypting later.  See the
--use-embedded-filename option if
> you want to use that, but read the caveats in the man page about that option.
> David

i was hoping to do the following;
locate a source file.
place the name of the source file in a log.
encrypt the source file name and contents
add to the log the name of the encrypted file.

that way i have a list which tells me what the real name of the file is.
i can use the log to pick which file i want to decrypt.

the log will the kept locally which is secure for my purposes.

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