nested verification?

Johnicholas Hines johnicholas.hines at
Tue Jan 4 22:37:39 CET 2011


Is there a built-in way to reverse the double-dash mangling for nested
clearsigned messages?

This is a somewhat contrived example:

---- begin fakeexample signed message ---

- --- begin fakeexample signed message ---
BankerBob, please exchange the 32 apples in my account for Fred's 48 oranges.

Thanks, Shirley
- --- begin fakeexample signature ---
Shirley's signature
- --- end fakeexample signature ---

Yes, please execute the above exchange, I love apples.

Thanks, Fred
---- begin fakeexample signed message
Fred's signature
---- end fakeexample signed message.

BankerBob would need to verify both the outer signature and the inner
signature, before executing the transaction.

Thanks for your help,


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