SmartCard Import/Export

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Thu Jan 27 09:40:18 CET 2011

Am 26.01.2011 22:03, schrieb David Tomaschik:
> Anyone in the US ever order the OpenPGP smartcards from Kernel
> Concepts?  I'm wondering if there are any customs issues I should be
> aware of.  I'm thinking of trying to get a few people together around
> here to do a bulk order to cut shipping costs, etc., but wanted to know
> if I was going to end up with any import taxes/customs trouble.

We have been shipping cards to the US for quite a while now and never
had any issues.
As far as we know, and we tried to thoroughly research this, the OpenPGP
card does not fall under any special regulations, i.e. neither crypto
im- or export nor customs issues.

We also try to minimize postage&packing cost as much as possible - so
organising a collective order is a very welcome idea!


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