two out of three keyservers down?

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Mon Jan 31 12:14:23 CET 2011

On Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:00:55 +0100
Mark Wielaard <mjw at> articulated:

> Hi,
> After struggling with sending and retrieving keys for several days I
> finally noticed that uses DNS round robin to provide
> you with a keyserver. But two out of the three servers are down.
> $ host
> has address
> has address
> has address
> 209.234.170 ( works.
> ( and
> ( are both down.
> Since is the default keyserver name used could the
> broken keyservers be removed from the DNS round robin pool?
> The gnupg user experience is really bad otherwise. If you are lucky to
> hit the one that works everything is fine, but two out of three times
> you hit a bad one and things just stall and hang for ages.

In essence, I reported this exact same problem last week. I am not sure
why the unresponsive servers cannot be fixed; however, as a work
around, I simple started using a new server as my default:

	keyserver hkp://

This may or may not be of any help to you though. Obviously, the correct
solution is to get all of the servers back on line.

Jerry ✌
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