Is the OpenPGP model still useful?

Milo gnupg at
Thu Jul 7 01:52:42 CEST 2011

On Wed, Jul 06, 2011 at 01:49:52PM -0700, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> (...)
> -- it's just not something I can answer.  Coherency and security are
> matters of personal taste and policy.

Are you sure about that? then find a person who will tell you that (you like
thought experiments, don't you?) during obvious live threat situation
feels secure. You can imaging what will be a common anwser, right?

Defining from the scratch all the terms and dictionaries before starting
conversation is somehow bogus.

Robert, if you will look around you will find fine and common/universal-enough
definitions of security in context adequate to this thread. If you doubt
about that start a thread for revisiting - for example - wikipedia's terms
regarding IT/information security stuff. I think that most people (and
I'm saying about _most_ of them) will agree that there are fine.

Perhaps instead of serving extreme form of relativism is better to not
anwser at all.

I think that informative and didactic value of such response is negligible.

Kind regards,

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