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Devin Fisher wrote:
> I prefer a homogeneous environment because once a plaintext user replies to an HTML message the HTML tags inundate the message and it becomes mostly unreadable. So in my opinion, either all plaintext or all HTML.
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I much prefer to send and receive in plain txt. When I started out some 25 years ago it was
the norm and the convention to do so. I ran a BBS (Bullet Board System) and later became an
ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most people that use Microsoft O/S format emails as HTML -
using fancy fonts and so on. A simple "Hello world" is 50Kb in Microsoft-speak yet a mere
5bytes in linux-speak. We - with long memories remember the criminal actions of Microsoft -
which still act the same way as in the past. There's a lot of "politics" as to why people
write plain txt - who use Linux and not the criminally-based Microsoft. A lot of people do
not care if they send out junk emails - their friends can read it and so must the rest of
the world.

I think lists should say "Please send plain txt only."


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