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Jerry gnupg.user at seibercom.net
Wed Jul 20 14:37:34 CEST 2011

On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:24:14 +0100
david at gbenet.com articulated:

> I much prefer to send and receive in plain txt. When I started out
> some 25 years ago it was the norm and the convention to do so. I ran
> a BBS (Bullet Board System) and later became an ISP (Internet Service
> Provider). Most people that use Microsoft O/S format emails as HTML -
> using fancy fonts and so on. A simple "Hello world" is 50Kb in
> Microsoft-speak yet a mere 5bytes in linux-speak. We - with long
> memories remember the criminal actions of Microsoft - which still act
> the same way as in the past. There's a lot of "politics" as to why
> people write plain txt - who use Linux and not the criminally-based
> Microsoft. A lot of people do not care if they send out junk emails -
> their friends can read it and so must the rest of the world.
> I think lists should say "Please send plain txt only."

I prefer plain ASCII text format myself in most instances. However,
your argument loses traction as soon as you start with this obvious
personal vendetta against Microsoft.

Those of use with long memories remember that the mail objection from
the *.nix/*BSD community was the fact that most native MUA's currently
available at that time were not able to properly handle HTML or MIME
encoded messages. They then preceded to throw up a smoke screen
condemning what they could not handle properly.

By the way, and just out of blatant morbid curiosity, if an
acquaintance, business or personal were to request that you communicate
in HTML format would you do it?

In conclusion, if you receive an HTML message, just delete it. Better
yet, set up filters, configure your MTA if you employ one, or whatever
means needed to remove this problem from your environment. You
obviously have a lot of hatred build up. Elimination of this pseudo
problem before it reaches your viewing screen would be a major step
forward for you.

Jerry ✌
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