Smartcards and readers

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> If anyone has any *direct experience* (not "I heard from my friend's

I use an SCR3310 which I glued to my monitor.  In general I would
recommend SCM readers because their chip uses TPDU mode and thus we have
greater flexibility when it comes to Extended Length APDUs.  Further SCM
offered me samples and assigned me an application engineer.

I have currently none with a pinpad in use, the SPR 532 used to work
very well however it has rubber style pinpad which I don't like.  Thus I
once switched to a KAAN Advanced which is nice from a mechanical POV.
The KAAN has problems with 2k keys and the vendor does not like to work
with free software projects.

Gemalto readers are said to work well and they seem to be a bit cheaper
than others.  I have a PCMCIA one here but only tested it once.

Avoid all readers with an Omnikey chip - they only work under Windows
with 2k key cards.



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