how encrypt data/text stream instead of a file?

Jerome Baum jerome at
Mon Jun 27 14:48:06 CEST 2011

Hey Doc,

> Sorry if I am out of line contacting you by email but I didn't see any other
> way to ask a question.

That's what this mailing list is for.

> I am a newbie Perl programmer and I want to pipe plain text to GPG and have
> it return the text encrypted.
> I have read quite a few articles and came up with this chunk of code on my
> own BUT it doesn't work and I was wondering if you can tell me what I am
> doing wrong...
>     my $public_key = "nameofpublickey";
>     my $plain_text = "this is a test message";
>     my $gpg_command = '/usr/local/bin/gpg';
>     open (GPGCOMMAND, "|$gpg_command");
>     my $encrypted_text = print GPGCOMMAND $plain_text | '$gpg_command -ea -r
> $public_key';
>     close (GPGCOMMAND);
>     print "encrypted text=$encrypted_text";
> It prints: encrypted text=1
> What am I doing wrong?

Seems like a Perl-related issue to me, not a GnuPG-related issue.
Basically $encrypted_text is not, as you intended, the output from the
gpg -- I think it's the output from print, in this case 1 ("true") for
"yes, we managed to pipe this into gpg".

I suggest consulting with the appropriate Perl mailing list for how to
pipe into a command and get the output. Also consider "--batch" and
related options, see <>.


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