gpg-agent asks for ssh passphrase, although the private key has no passphras set

gitter at gitter at
Mon Jun 27 19:36:21 CEST 2011

> On Sun, 26 Jun 2011 21:29, gitter at said:
> > I am using gpg-agent to manage my one and only ssh key. I generate my
> > (private) ssh key via openpgp2ssh from my private gpg
> > key. Unfortunately, although my private gpg key is not password
> > protected, gpg-agent asks me for a passphrase (via a nice X dialog)
> > before I ssh to my server. Entering nothing works fine, and I
> the dialog should have asked you to protect your key in the GnuPG system
> - that is to enter a new passphrase. You have to give that passphrase.

Ah, that is right.
> It is possible to change that passphrase but there is no direct command
> line interface for it. However, what you really want is something like
> =====
> default-cache-ttl-ssh 7200
> max-cache-ttl-ssh 86400
> =====
> in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf. This caches the passphrase for 2 hours if
> it is not used or even if used for not longer than a day.

I already use these long caching options for ssh. Actually what I want is not to enter a passphrase for my ssh key. I trust the applications that run on my system, so I do not want any passphrase.

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