Non-interactive use of gen-key

MichaelQuigley at TheWay.Org MichaelQuigley at TheWay.Org
Fri Mar 4 01:52:28 CET 2011

I'm looking to automate key generation for gpg.  I found this link in the 
list archive: The 
message suggests using the --batch option and either feeding parameters 
form stdin or from a file.  It also states, "Check out the file DETAILS. 
It should explain everything."  However, I can't find a DETAILS file in 
either the documentation or the uncompressed directory tree.

Does anyone know where to feed parameters from a file is documented or can 
someone explain it to this newbee?

Here's the pertinent part of the old thread:

          .          .          .
>Check out the the file DETAILS.  It should explain everything.  I have
>copied the section below.
>   Werner
>Unattended key generation
>This feature allows unattended generation of keys controlled by a
>parameter file.  To use this feature, you use --gen-key together with
>--batch and feed the parameters either from stdin or from a file given
>on the commandline.
>The format of this file is as follows:
          .          .          .
          .          .          .

It documents what goes in the file, but not how to specify the file on the 
command line.

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