Setpref affects only public key

Michal Masek misamasek at
Fri Mar 4 16:40:37 CET 2011


I am using gpg version 1.4.9. I created new key using
gpg --gen-key
with default options. Than I added a second user ID and set its
preferences with setpref and than I saved the changes.

Now if I export the public key into a file using:
gpg --armor --output public.asc --export 051ED47
and list its packets:
gpg --list-packets public.asc
everything is ok, the first user ID has some default preferences and
the second user ID has those preferences I wanted. But if I export the
secret key:
gpg --armor --output secret.asc --export-secret-key 051ED47
and list its packets:
gpg --list-packets secret.asc
then both user IDs have the same default preferences. In other words
the signatures asociated with the second user ID are different for
public and for secret key. This seams to me like a bug. Or am I
missing something?

Michal Masek

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