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Ben McGinnes ben at
Wed Mar 9 22:09:52 CET 2011

On 10/03/11 3:31 AM, Bernhard Kleine wrote:
> Some strange things have happened: 
> first: on the interactive page I looked up the
> key A18A54D6 and it did not show any result. Afterwards I typed
> olson grant and got several keys listed but not the one we have been
> looking for here A18....

It is there, but may not be visible at first glance because key ID
0xA18A54D6 is actually a subkey for 0xE3B5806F.

> second: I have seahorse as the gui tool to enter keyservers and
> keys.  However, I removed any other keyserver but

The settings for the GUI will only affect the GUI and not GPG itself.

> After that I type your suggestion:
> gpg --search-keys A18A54D
> and to my surprise it still looked up with no
> result.

To change the default keyserver for GPG on the command line you will
need to edit ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf to comment out whatever is currently
listed and add:

keyserver hkp://

> This leaves us with two questions:
> 1. why do I not get a response for A18A54D6 on

It's there, see above.

> 2. where do we have to tune gpg and evolution on ubuntu 10.10 to look
> for the correct keyserver?

The ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf contains all the options for the command line.
Evolution specific things I can't help with, I've never used it.


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