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Doug Barton <dougb at> articulated:

> On 03/13/2011 07:57, Jerry wrote:
> > Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Mail, an improved
> > e‑mail program with enhancements such as junk e‑mail filtering and
> > protection against phishing messages.
> >
> > Why are we even discussing a product that in not and has not been
> > available for quite some time. I heard, although have not confirmed,
> > that it does not work on Windows 7 anyway which effectively means
> > it is dead.
> Wow, are you ever naive. :)  There are millions of people still using 
> Windows XP and Outlook Express. Microsoft has apparently committed to 
> _supporting_ XP into 2014, which means that you won't see serious 
> reduction in XP use for a few years after that, with a very long tail
> of people continuing to use it for years following. (I spoke with
> someone the other day who is still using Windows 98 because "it does
> what I want it to do.")

So I am naive, then what are you? You CC'd me even though I
specifically stated that off-list replies are basically ignored. In
following with my basic procedure for unwanted e-mails like that, I
reported it as SPAM.

Now, XP sales were terminated on October 22, 2010, with support for
service pack three to end on April 8, 2014. So what? Outlook Express is
no longer available. It has been superseded by another product which
works differently. What part of that has got you confused? There are
numerous users who still employ old, EOL'd operating systems. Does that
mean we have to support them at the expense of those who have moved on
to more modern systems and software?

You have also failed to calculate in the simple fact that just because
a system has Win XP installed it is also actively using Outlook
Express. I still have an old PC with XP installed that I keep around
for some gaming exercises. Outlook Express never was used on that
system. The newer version, AKA Windows Mail can run on any version of
Windows. Your assumption that Win XP =  Outlook Express is incorrect.

Windows XP was down to 64% as of March 2010 with Win7 surpassing Vista
by a few percentage points. That data is one year old obviously. I am
reasonably certain that it has progressed quite a bit. That much is
a given since Win XP is no longer available commercially. Outlook
Express is no longer available. Another fact. To continue to actively
support a piece of dead software is a poor use of one's time and

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