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Wed Mar 16 09:16:23 CET 2011

Op 15-3-2011 21:16, Robert J. Hansen schreef:

> This may not be so much an argument for IDEA's inclusion as it might be
> an argument for data migration.

How do I re-sign a message with someone else's private key? And for that
matter, how do I do that convenient with a mailbox with many encrypted
messages? I don't want to store them unencrypted, they might still be
sensitive, and I also don't want to loose the meta information (date,
sender, etc.).

> If forever, then sure, IDEA support, v3 keys, etc., etc.

It is obvious that I would prefer forever. Or, at least as long as the
people who have used pgp 2 died out, which means for another century or
so (ignoring corporate users). Which is probably in any IT planning the
same as "forever".

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