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Wed Mar 16 17:38:55 CET 2011

Johan Wevers johanw at wrote on
Wed Mar 16 09:16:56 CET 2011 :

>Current OSes pose already a problem. PGP 2 did not provide nagtive
binaries for win32 so I compiled them myself

I've had a problem running Disastry's PGP 2.6.3 multi6 on 64 bit 
windows systems, because the DOS command line window didn't work 
with even Disastry's 32 bit pgp.exe.

Finally found a workaround by writing a simple new batch file:

set PGPHome = home

and saved this as pgp64.bat

(I have both pgp 2.6.3m6 and gnupg 1.4.11 on a flash drive, and 
they both run on 64 bit windows systems from a command line dos 
window, without having pgp or gnupg installed.)

For 'gnupg64.bat' the first line of the above two lines should 
set GNUPGHOME=home

As mobile phones become bundled with OSes, it shouldn't be long 
before gnupg can be run on a mobile.


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