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Op 16-3-2011 17:38, vedaal at schreef:

> I've had a problem running Disastry's PGP 2.6.3 multi6 on 64 bit 
> windows systems, because the DOS command line window didn't work 
> with even Disastry's 32 bit pgp.exe.

That is because his executables are DOS executables and not win32
commandline programs. AFAIK win64 dumped the support for 16 bit DOS
programs altogether, I'm surprised the executable could be made to run
anyway. Compiling the source with a Windows compiler should solve that

> (I have both pgp 2.6.3m6 and gnupg 1.4.11 on a flash drive, and 
> they both run on 64 bit windows systems from a command line dos 
> window, without having pgp or gnupg installed.)

Technically on Windows NT and up, you don't have a "DOS" window but a
command shell, like Unix tcsh or bash.

> As mobile phones become bundled with OSes, it shouldn't be long 
> before gnupg can be run on a mobile.

I hope so, but this isn't an easy job. I remember it has been discussed
here before.

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