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> While I fully agree on bottom posting being preferred, I wonder if it's 
> not a lost battle already. People quoting 'properly' are in such a 
> minority that I don't think this can be changed around anymore. Of course, 
> some fora will still be the exception to this, but I fear they will become 
> less and less in number. Most of the guides on proper netiquette date from 
> the previous century too and people don't seem interested anymore in doing 
> things properly.

This depends very much on the people you communicate with. People in the
Free Software are tend to do it "right" because when they start to use
e-mail regularly with others in this area, they are usually being asked
to use "proper" style :) I started with Free Software in the 21st
century and still learned to not use full quotes and top posting. The
first time I realized that proper e-mail style is useful was when I
started to read more mailinglists with rather high message volumes – you
just can keep a better overview with "correct" quoting :)


p.s. Even some of my non-techie friends realized the advantage of this
     style after a short explanation ;) The real problem is actually MS
     Outlook and its default settings.
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