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Thu Mar 24 00:13:20 CET 2011

 > For example, I do genealogy as a hobby, and figuring out how person A was re
 > lated to person B 100 years ago would involve trips to the town in question
 > , and poring over a hand-kept records book in the town hall.  These days, t
 > here are a number of websites that have brought that sort of information on
 > line.  The information from old town record book is essentially unchanged, 
 > but the ability to access it is dramatically easier.  Such easy access enab
 > les all sorts of cross-referencing and data mining across multiple database
 > s that were (strictly speaking) possible a hundred years ago, but also extr
 > emely unrealistic.

The "" folks claim that their genetic screening
thing is liberating people by connecting them to relatives
that they did not know they had.

I, for one, have a lot of relatives that I don't want to know.


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