gpg-agent throw-id issue (was: [PGPNET] Jerome)

Ben McGinnes ben at
Sat Mar 26 19:06:36 CET 2011

On 27/03/11 4:07 AM, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:50, jerome at said:
>> summarize: gpg-agent seems to have problems handling thrown keyids.
> You mean the current development version?  Quite possible; that is
> for what development versions are for.
> For 2.0.x there can't be a problem because gpg-agent does not know
> anything about keyids because it is only used as a passphrase
> caching agent.

The behaviour I saw was with the gpg-agent from version 2.0.16 (yet
still working with GPG 1.4.11; the gpg-agent from GPG2 stopped working
with 1.4.11 when I installed 2.0.17 and I haven't played with it
since).  Even when my passphrase had been cached for my default key,
every time a message using the throw-id option was encountered, I
would be prompted through a cycle of every secret key I had
indefinitely.  When just using 1.4.11 and using the passphrase cache
in Enigmail, this does not occur and the messages with throw-id behave
themselves as intended.

I have not tested whether this is just with gpg-agent in conjunction
with TB/Enigmail or any file encrypted with that option.


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