Public keys on smartcard

Astrakan gpgikaros at
Thu Mar 31 15:51:50 CEST 2011


Just a quick question to clarify things. I've been playing with gpg/gpg2
and g10 openPGP smart cards v2.0 now a bit.
As I understand there is no way to keep the private _and_ the public
keys solely on the card?
Gpg always uses the public key/pubring.gpg on the harddrive.
So suppose if I wanted to have public and private keys on the card (to
be able to use it on computers which doesn't have
my pubring.gpg/secring.gpg) I must also have a card containing the
trustdb-file and perhaps even a gpg.conf file?

Thanx in advance,
/gpgikaros at

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