How to open Windows GPG encrypted files on Mac OS X

insightfulmac julioesori at
Sun May 1 05:34:01 CEST 2011

Hi, All,

First of all, thanks for the answers!

After reviewing all answers, I have solved my problem! As Charly correctly
pointed out, there is a slightly difference between TXT files from Mac OS X
and Windows (basically Windows end-of-line is /R/F and Mac is /F)... As a
newbie in Mac OS X, I didn't know that...

The solution was to "convert" the Windows TXT file to the Mac OS X TXT
format. Then, GPGServices worked perfectly!

By the way: GPGServices is a very elegant solution! Better and simpler than
all frontends I have used in order to decrypt files in Windows...

Best regards!

insightfulmac wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using GPG for Windows for some years. Recently I've bought a
> Mac. I've installed the GPG for Mac OSX, but the problem is that I am not
> able to open the old GPG for Windows encrypted files.
> I have installed the GPGServices, so what I do is: open the Windows
> encrypted files on Mac using the TextWrangler text editor, selecting the
> encrypted text and choosing Services->OpenPGP Decrypt.
> However, I always receive the following error: "Decryption failed. No
> decryptable text was found within the selection".
> Does anyone know how can I decrypt Windows-GPG encrypted files on Mac OS
> X?
> Thanks!!!!

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