How to open Windows GPG encrypted files on Mac OS X

Alexander Willner alex at
Mon May 2 11:28:16 CEST 2011


On 01.05.2011, at 13:58, Jerry wrote:
> The Apple Macintosh, finally, uses a CR character only.

As Robert wrote: OS X is using an LF character only

On 01.05.2011, at 13:58, Jerry wrote:
> I am assuming that the disclaimer there is to cover the fact that it
> clearly does not work correctly for the above mentioned items when said
> item(s) are created on different platforms.

From our point of view the issue lies in the TextWrangler code since it "destructively modifies all files it opens".

> Perhaps filing a request for the feature or bug report might be appropriate.

Here it is:

Best regards, Alex

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