How to open Windows GPG encrypted files on Mac OS X

Charly Avital shavital at
Mon May 2 14:26:44 CEST 2011

Alexander Willner wrote the following on 5/2/11 5:28 AM:
> From our point of view the issue lies in the TextWrangler code since it "destructively modifies all files it opens".

The user insightfulmac <julioesori at>
who originated the request in the gnupg-users list (How to open Windows
GPG encrypted files on MacOSX), solved his problem using TextWrangler:

> After reviewing all answers, I have solved my problem! As Charly correctly
> pointed out, there is a slightly difference between TXT files from Mac OS X
> and Windows (basically Windows end-of-line is /R/F and Mac is /F)... As a
> newbie in Mac OS X, I didn't know that...
> The solution was to "convert" the Windows TXT file to the Mac OS X TXT
> format. Then, GPGServices worked perfectly!
> By the way: GPGServices is a very elegant solution! Better and simpler than
> all frontends I have used in order to decrypt files in Windows...

I personally prefer BBEdit, but TextWrangler (released by the same
software house) can also solve the issue of converting line ends, that
was the problem of insightfulmac <julioesori at>.


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