Best practice for periodic key change?

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On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 03:50, David Shaw <dshaw at> wrote:
> Incidentally, speaking of bitmap signatures - a "signature" made via a
> rubber stamp of a signature can be binding under certain circumstances as
> well (at least in the US - I don't know about elsewhere).

Often enough you don't need an actual signature, at least in Germany.
Businesses that use a computer to generate invoices in batches just don't
add a signature, which doesn't make the document less valid. Funny enough
they'll add a sentence saying "this document was generated by an automated
computer system and is thus legal without signature" -- mostly because of
the misconception that a signature is normally "required" -- but even if it
weren't for the "automated computer system", the document would still be
"valid". Remember documents are for *documentation*, but it's the (statement
of) *intent* which is binding. At least in Germany.

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