GnuPG language setting

Janne Inkilä janne.inkila at
Wed May 25 19:27:18 CEST 2011

 From where GnuPG takes its language setting in Windows, exactly?

I am having a problem with GnuPG text ui-language. My windows is in 
english, but GnuPG is in swedish. I know I can fix this issue with 
lang=en enviroinment variable, but I am having this wrong language 
problem in several other software also. Regional settings (Control 
Panel\Clock, Language, and Region) in control panel are what I desire, 
but no affect with this. I believe my computer vendor (HP) made some 
customization to the operating system installation package and broke 
something. My os is Windows 7 64b.

janne.inkila at
jpi @ freenode irc network

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