revoke a revoked userID and e-mail from the GnuPG-Server

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Wed Nov 2 11:37:24 CET 2011

Hello myNameScreen !

myNameScreen <andreas-j-a-froehlich at> wrote:

> How can I revoke an revoked userID and e-mail from the GnuPG-Server?
> How can I solve my problem in any way?
> default signature and could not change it.
> -- Now I know it, but it is to late.
> (Edit description)
> gpg --edit-key <userID>
> uid 1
> primary
> quit
> ----------------------------------------
> But I revoked my second E-Mail and send it to the GnuPG-Server.
> But now I want to add this e-mail, I can not, because the old second name
> and e-mail is used!
> Hope you understand me and can help me, because I am  very harassed...

    From that moment you sent a key to a keyserver, you cannot Delete UID from it (only locally but obviously it's useless). But you may instead Revoque and send the updated key to the keyserver.
    Remember that "quit" means "exit without updating the keyring"; "save" means "save all changes to the keyrings and quit".

    May be you'd like to print the help:
In .DOC:

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