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> I am looking for a work around to the gpgmail on osx
> not using the group line in the gpg.conf file. I can
> drop to a terminal but it is not the best idea.

There was a brief discussion about group lines on PGPNET a few months
ago. IIRC, the specifics under discussion were spaces and angle

I don't think any conclusions were reached, but it may be worth
experimenting with

group <pgpnet at>=0x
group <pgpnet at> =0x
group <pgpnet at> = 0x
group pgpnet at
group pgpnet at =0x
group pgpnet at = 0x

Experience has shown me The Bat! will only match on email address and
requires the angle brackets for the group line to work. And testing
has shown that the spaces make no difference in my current set-up. I'm
reasonably sure somebody posted that they had to remove the angle
brackets to get the group line to work on their set-up.

I don't recall whether anybody reported any significance of spaces, or
whether it was just noted that somebody else used them and I didn't,
and that each of us was just following the pattern we first saw.

> I was wondering if I created a key with the address of
> the group line, would gpg encrypt to the group line or
> just the key.

I suspect if it is not "seeing" the group line, it would still not see
it. But who knows?

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