group in gpg.conf but gpgmail does not honor/see

Sean Rima seanrima at
Sun Nov 13 19:31:30 CET 2011

On 13 Nov 2011, at 17:29, MFPA wrote:

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> Hi
> On Sunday 13 November 2011 at 2:22:28 PM, in
> <mid:DEE1F77E-4886-484A-829D-2FC32278CFF1 at>, Sean Rima wrote:
>> I am looking for a work around to the gpgmail on osx
>> not using the group line in the gpg.conf file. I can
>> drop to a terminal but it is not the best idea.
> There was a brief discussion about group lines on PGPNET a few months
> ago. IIRC, the specifics under discussion were spaces and angle
> brackets.
> I don't think any conclusions were reached, but it may be worth
> experimenting with
> group <pgpnet at>=0x
> group <pgpnet at> =0x
> group <pgpnet at> = 0x
> group pgpnet at
> group pgpnet at =0x
> group pgpnet at = 0x
> Experience has shown me The Bat! will only match on email address and
> requires the angle brackets for the group line to work. And testing
> has shown that the spaces make no difference in my current set-up. I'm
> reasonably sure somebody posted that they had to remove the angle
> brackets to get the group line to work on their set-up.
> I don't recall whether anybody reported any significance of spaces, or
> whether it was just noted that somebody else used them and I didn't,
> and that each of us was just following the pattern we first saw.

If I goto the command line and use the -r command line option gpg picks up the group ok, however gpgmail is just scanning the keyfile and not finding a key for the group, ie the email address

I think the group line is a feature that is not widely used, if it is used elsewhere indeed. Apart from the pgpnet group on Yahoo, I have not seen it used

>> I was wondering if I created a key with the address of
>> the group line, would gpg encrypt to the group line or
>> just the key.
> I suspect if it is not "seeing" the group line, it would still not see
> it. But who knows?

I think it is the way that gpgmail is written it scans the keyfile and not the gpg.conf file, I guess few email rograms would. I may try creating a simple key for the group and see if gpg will encrypt to the group line as well or instead of the created key.


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