group in gpg.conf but gpgmail does not honor/see

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Nov 13 22:31:07 CET 2011

On 11/13/2011 09:29, MFPA wrote:
> There was a brief discussion about group lines on PGPNET a few months
> ago. IIRC, the specifics under discussion were spaces and angle
> brackets.
> I don't think any conclusions were reached, but it may be worth
> experimenting with
> group <pgpnet at>=0x
> group <pgpnet at> =0x
> group <pgpnet at> = 0x
> group pgpnet at
> group pgpnet at =0x
> group pgpnet at = 0x

Sean, take MFPA's advice and try different combinations of spaces and
angle brackets as above. I would be very surprised if gpgmail scanned
the gpg.conf or the key files directly. It's far more likely that it's
asking gpg to encrypt to an e-mail address that looks like $this.
Figuring out what the "$this" is should allow you to use the group line



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