GPA File Manager

Mark Kirchner mail at
Thu Nov 17 00:07:13 CET 2011

Am 16.11.2011 15:59, schrieb Werner Koch:
> Note that this is proprietary software.  I'd prefer if you would not 
> suggest this on a GnuPG mailing list.  The GNU project (which GnuPG 
> is a part of) is a about software freedom; proprietary software is 
> about taking away your freedoms.

While I'm definitively with you that it should be mentioned and made
clear that GPGshell is proprietary software, I can't help but frown a
little bit at your comment:

I've always perceived you as a free software advocate, but now at the
same time you seem to try to deny others the freedom to discuss software
alternatives on a public mailing list? And so, in the end, limit the
freedom of everybody to chose whatever he or she likes best, be it
proprietary or not? That doesn't seem to fit together completely, but
this is obviously only my personal opinion.

Kind regards,

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