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Mark Kirchner mail at
Thu Nov 17 20:39:12 CET 2011

Am 17.11.2011 12:38, schrieb Werner Koch:
> Despite that the GNU maintainer rules say that we shall not mention 
> proprietary software at all

I see. So, since my "frown" was obviously misdirected at you, Werner, I
think I owe you an apology.

But please let me re-phrase: Those rules seem to deny people the freedom
to discuss software alternatives on a public mailing list? [...]

Or to put it differently: Any mailing list or forum about some piece of
proprietary software that sets up rules like that ("you are not allowed
to mention free software here") would be called intolerant and
freedom-of-choice-denying - and rightfully so. IMHO, not an example I
would want to follow.

Anyways, since I'm not going to try to change those rules and the whole
thing is going off-topic fast, I guess I'll rest my case now.

Kind regards,

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