STEED - Usable end-to-end encryption

Jerome Baum jerome at
Tue Oct 18 18:16:08 CEST 2011

> Even webmail.  It is easy to write a browser extension to do the crypto
> stuff.  Installing browser extensions is even easier than installing
> most other software.

I'd make it a point of discussion whether it's still webmail proper then.

But you could also use Javascript, Java or Flash, so yes this is doable
for webmail. I wouldn't trust my ISP to deliver the encryption module
though. It kind of defeats the "end-point" part in "end-point
encryption". As your average user I have no way to verify the module and
nobody can vouch for it as it's dynamically updated by my ISP.

So a fixed, open-source browser extension is really the only way to do
this properly. How is this different from installing an MUA (given that
a browser extension is often a full-blown piece of software with full
rights to the system)?

With the webmail argument and since webmail is probably majority access
for private email, it's looking more important to work with the ISPs,
but I stand by my point of not building this on a single pillar.

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