The problem is "motivational"

Mark H. Wood mwood at IUPUI.Edu
Thu Oct 20 16:37:00 CEST 2011

I suspect that, for many, "too hard to do" is not as significant a
factor as "too hard to believe in".  Over here, doctors' offices have
at last been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the mid 20th century
and will at least use FAX to transmit prescriptions to the pharmacy,
but mention e-mail and they back away making the sign against the evil
eye, because they "know" it's not secure.

The office staff would all die of apoplexy if I told them how I *want*
it to work -- not because my notions are insecure, but because they
don't understand why those notions *are* secure.  (Assuming they are. :-)

Mark H. Wood, Lead System Programmer   mwood at IUPUI.Edu
Asking whether markets are efficient is like asking whether people are smart.
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