The problem is "motivational"

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>  > Because we, who care about privacy, are affected by those who
> don't care.
> I propose this way of thinking is counterproductive. 

And what of the other responses which stated other specific needs to make 
encryption universal?  I especially can appreciate Mark Wood's comment on 
"The telephone quandary."  My use of encrypted e-mail is severely limited 
because so many of those with whom I communicate wouldn't have a clue how 
to acquire, install, configure, or use encryption.

> It will not
> succeed in any meaningful way, because "encryption by default"
> is a completely unrealistic goal in today's environment of
> multiple mail end-user platforms, plethora of client applications,
> uncooperative mail service operators and hostile universal surveillance
> culture, and, last but not least, by the legions of users who resent
> it because they "have nothing to hide". Any "solution" which marshals
> mail service operators and ISP's into the trust chain is however
> recklessly endangering those that might "have something to hide",
> by giving them false sense of security.

The proposal doesn't preclude those that "might have something to hide" 
from seeking other sources of encryption keys.  It merely allows far wider 
use of encryption in general.

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