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Faramir wrote:
> El 12-04-2012 20:29, John Clizbe escribió:
> ...
>>> adds them to its own list.  So really,
>>> that's the only address you need.  :)
>> It's best to stick with the pool address, otherwise if you select a
>> single server, you'll run into trouble if it's offline or there is
>> a connectivity
>   I'd also keep 1 or 2 addresses to keyservers, just in case one day
> the pool has troubles.
OK, here's my list of addresses:	booboo	# Windows 2003 Svr[*]	yogi	# Slackware Linux	picnic	# Slackware Linux	basket	# MacOS X	horse	# Solaris 10	nell	# Solaris 10

2[*],4 & 18 ==>
5, 19, & 20 ==>
[*] If I ever get the Win32 timing precise enough for sks recon, booboo
will join yogi and basket

About trouble with Even if the pool server goes
down, there are extra DNS servers in place acting as secondaries for the
zone. So the pool DNS addresses should always be available, even if they
aren't being regularly updated (which is now four times per day). If you
query the NS records for, 6 or 7 nameserver records
should be returned.

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