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On 24/04/12 10:19, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
> Hi,
> 24.04.2012 10:14, david at kirjoitti:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm using Mint Linux - gpg2 and gpg are both using /.gpg I have no /.gpg2 dir on my system
>> and no dir gets created when I run gpg2 --version. No dirs are created in usr/bin either -
>> in fact I had to create a home/david/.gpg
>> The question are:
>> What (and where) script calls gpg to load?
>> Can I delete gpg and then run gpg2?
>> Can I make a dir ie /.gpg2 and copy all to it and then get enigmail to use gpg2?
>> David
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> Both GPG and GPG2 use the same ~/.gnupg directory.
> 1. I don't understand this question.
> 2. You said that you are on Linux Mint, which uses apt, which requires
> gpg1, so you might get warnings when trying to remove it. I recommend
> just keeping both.
> 3. As I said above, both use ~/.gnupg. If you want to use gpg2 with
> Enigmail, open Enigmail preferences and on basic tab you should see gpg
> location. Check the "override with" box and write (or browse) /usr/bin/gpg2.
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Thanks Mika,

I have done as you have suggested. It is to be noted that whenever I install a new Linux
disro I always run gpg --version - Linux Mint does not create ~/.gnupg automatically one has
to create the directory (folder) by hand -as this function's not  and there's no way to set
how long the passphrase will last as this function is not available in any gpg-agent.


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