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On 25/04/12 12:40, kwadronaut wrote:
> On 25/04/12 13:32, david at wrote:
>> I did have some commands in my old gpg.conf file which happened to end up in Limmassol
> That's quite an accomplishment. Only that file or a whole storage device?
>> harbour. So the general question is - are there any special security commands that I can add
>> to my .conf file? Which seems to be gpg2?
> gpg --version and gpg2 --version will tell you were there configuration
> file lies, and they're very likely both going to use the same file.
> Thanks to the developers that goes just fine (up until now, for me).
> 'Any special security commands' is vague, are you looking for ideas
> along the lines of "personal-digest-preferences SHA256",
> "cert-digest-algo SHA256", or something totally different?
> kwadronaut.
Hi Kwadronaut,

The devise was a mobile phone into which I'd made a copy of my gnupg directory - thinking
all is safe - with a password file. But then you never expect to fall from a mast fracturing
your skull spine and pelvis. Worse is the bastards that went through my boat helping
themselves to laptops sailing gear. I was reading old e-mails on a CD and noticed Sha256 so
I must have had a line in my conf file for it to appear in an old e-mail. It got me thinking
- - what other lines did I have cert-digest-algo SHA256 - I will try it :) any others would be


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